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When fitting a Top Hat as part of your dress code for Royal Ascot 2017, the "shape" is just as important as the "size". Buying an antique silk top hat to fit is often very hard as over the last century heads have generally become larger. As less top hats were made many years ago in larger sizes; So a lot of the vintage top hats do not fit the present average head size (which is now about size 59cm UK7¼). Vintage Silk Top Hats, are typically made with a shellac and calico shell underneath. This means that a vintage silk top hat can only be reconformed (reshaped) but cannot be streteched to become bigger.

The process of measuring for silk top hat and modern felt top hat is the same.

To measure your top hat size using a tape measure, follow your head circumference above the ears, approximately 1 inch above your eyebrows and 1/2 inch to 1 inch above the ears depending on how you wish to wear the top hat (Basically the brim should not touch your ears!). Then compare it on the table below. There is not always an exact match between cm to inches so the nearest has been selected. If your head measures between two sizes, you may select the larger size (you can place a small strip of felt behind the top hat's sweatband to make the fit more comfortably).

Inches Cm US size UK size
21 & 58 55 6 & 78 6 & 34
22 56 7 6 & 78
22 & 12 57 7 & 18 7
22 & 78 58 7 & 14 7 & 18
23 & 14 59 7 & 38 7 & 14
23 & 58 60 7 & 12 7 & 38
24 61 7 & 58 7 & 12
24 & 12 62 7 & 34 7 & 58
24 & 34 63 7 & 78 7 & 34
25 & 18 64 8 7 & 78

At Ascot Top Hats, we recommend a full fitting prior to buying a hat as the head shape can be measured using specialised tools such as our conformateur and formillion, then the hat subsequently fitted to head shape. (Note there is a fee for Service). Title: Conformateur and Formillion - Description: Tools to measure head shape and size

Tradition Silk Plush or Hatters Plush that was used to make silk top hats has not in mainstream production for decades, so buying a polished top hat usually involves finding a vintage/antique silk topper, or alternative a modern Melusine felt Top Hat or a modern Plush. Non plush Top Hats can also be bought in wool or fur felt, but silk plush top hats are often preferred. Second-hand silk top hat market is has been active nigh on as long as people have worn them.

If you need a Top Hat for Royal Ascot try calling Ascot Top Hats on 01344 638 838 to arrange a private appointment.

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